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Winter engagement pictures

Bob & Carissa I Winter Engagement Pictures

Robert and I met on a dating website called Plenty of Fish. We were both “hooked” right from the start. The rest is history.

Since Carissa was up at her girls weekend I worked with her friends and planned on surprising her by going up to door county and proposing to her on the beach. On the way there my truck broke down and had to go with plan b. On the day she came home I put the ring on our cats coller and I figured there was no way she wouldn’t be able to see it there. She got home I told her to give the cat a hug figuring she would see it. Nope, and I then helped her unload her car and as we went back in the apartment the cat almost snuck out the door. We sat down and she was telling me about her trip the cat jumped on the coffee table and she finally noticed the ring. I got down on one knee and proposed. She said yes!
Where do I begin? What I love most about Robert is the unconditional love that he is constantly showing me. He supports me through each of life’s many twists and turns. He makes me laugh, even when I’m really not in the mood. He picks me up when I am down. He makes me a better person and I couldn’t imagine living another day without him by my side.

One of the things I love about Carissa is her drive that she has. She knows what she wants in life and works as hard as she has to to get it. The most important thing I love about Carissa is the fact that she has pushed me into the man I am today. Without all of her love and support I would not be where I am at today. Words truly can’t describe the love I have for this woman and I’m excited to spend the rest of my life with her.

One thing that we are looking forward to is spending the most important day of our lives with our family and friends. Each and every one of them played a role in bringing us together and we can’t wait to celebrate that on our wedding day!


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