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Wedding Photography at Lambeau Field I Garrick and Megan

wedding photography at Lambeau Field-1

Garrick and Megan I Wedding Photography at Lambeau Field

We had the pleasure of doing some wedding photography at Lambeau Field recently. Garrick and Megan had been married for about a month prior to this. They got married out of state in Colorado and were having a reception back in Green Bay for friends and family at the Green Bay Distillery to celebrate.

We decided to do some creative shots over at Lambeau Field just prior to the reception. It was a very hot day and Lambeau Field was hosting a kids marathon at the time. It was challenging to get the great shots we did without random people in the background.

We were up for the challenge! Sheri and I had a great time capturing some awesome images and getting to know this cute couple. Garrick is such a gentleman and Megan such a sweetheart – they are made for each other!

These are my favorite from the day. (click images to enlarge)




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