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Senior Pictures - Mariah Szymanski - Pulaski High School

senior pictures

Mariah Szymanski – Senior Pictures

High School senior pictures I Pulaski //

Hair and Make Up I Alyssa Kitson //

Location I Downtown Green Bay, Pulaski High School Gym, Out on County B

Mariah was such a blast to photograph. When she arrived I asked her if she was nervous about her senior pictures. She said nope,  just excited! I was a little shocked by her response since most seniors tend to be a bit nervous until we get into a rhythm. This was a good sign.

We started off downtown Green Bay with some very fluid lifestyle shots. I find that if we get the seniors moving around a bit right away it really helps them to relax and build confidence quickly.  Mariah was a natural and showed off her beautiful genuine smile right away!

After that we made a quick stop at Larry’s Bellevue Gardens. A day or two before the shoot I noticed some pallets stacked up there and thought it would be a cool shot with the right outfit. I stopped in and Larry was kind enough to let us use them as a back drop for some of Mariah’s pictures.

For the most part Mariah really left the style of her senior pictures up to me.  However, this girls lives basketball!!! She definitely wanted basketball incorporated into her pictures. We ended up doing these in the Pulaski High School Gym. The coach was kind enough to put her number and graduating year up on the score board. Pulaski has a really really nice gym. I am impressed every time I walk into that school.

We finished off the day at my cousin Tori’s place. She has a beautiful house and piece of property out on County B. There is a nice secluded wooded area and a lovely willow tree by a pond. The weather was just absolutely perfect.

Mariah was super laid back and confident the entire shoot. These are my personal favorites from the day.



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