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Taryn I Class of 2017 Senior Model -

boho senior pictures-023

Distinction Photo Senior model for the class of 2017

Senior I Taryn Walker//

High School I Southwest Highschool //

Location I Cedar St. Studio //

HMU I Alyssa Kitson //

A little about Taryn:

Anything sour!



Nurse or something involving environmental studies

Getting my CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) license!

Sleeping anywhere at anytime, if that’s considered a talent haha!

Not one place in particular, but I love the U.P.! It just really feels like home and there are so many breathtaking places. The woods and lakes are absolutely amazing!

Evan Peeters

Getting stuff done and being organized! I swear I’m the worlds biggest procrastinator.

My phone, my friends, and my family.

My headphones! A definite must have for school.

To have fun! I want to go to either UWM or NMU for college, but I’m thinking about joining the Army or Airforce. I might take a gap-year just to have fun and travel!

I love to just hang out with my friends, listen to music, go swimming, hiking, camping, play video games, and watch YouTube etc..!

Ron Swanson from Parks & Recreation or Fez from Thaf 70’s Show

The Divergent series

Brownies or Ice Cream

Seniority at school will be nice! Along with more freedom and opportunities, it should be fun!

I’m obsessed with animals, dogs in particular.

Down-to-earth, funny, caring, loud, and friendly.

I have an addiction to online shopping, I really want to learn how to play ukelele, and I’ve been in choir for 6 years!




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  1. Beyond gorgeous Taryn. Love an miss you lots hope you win this cause u deff for my vote. Even if you don’t win always remember no matter what your beautiful an you’ll always be a model in your moms heart.

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