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Sydney Guc I Class of 2017 Senior Model -

class of 2017 senior

Distinction Photo Senior model for the class of 2017

Senior I Sydney Guc //

High School I Bay Port High School //

Location I Downtown Green Bay //

HMU I Dana Michele //

A little about Sydney:


Junior mints

Iced Carmel macchiato


Radiologic technician

Got 7th place in the World for Senior Pom

I can lick my elbow

Electric Love (BORNS)

Steph Curry

My Nike Roshes

LA Hearts


My phone, my parents, my toothbrush



Go to UW Milwaukee for Radiological technology


Meredith Grey


Having two houses to live at. One that I can just get away to.

I’m 5’2″

Kind of weird. Talkative.

I’m OBSESSED with my dogs. My mom and I are like best friends.




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37 Responses to “Sydney Guc I Class of 2017 Senior Model”
  1. My beautiful baby is all grown up! Nice work Matthew, visually capturing Sydney’s style, grace, and fun-loving personality!

  2. A very photogenic young lady 🙂 I can’t believe my niece is going to be senior already. Time is flying by.

  3. I remember when you moved into the neighborhood, Sydney! It doesn’t seem possible you could be a senior already! These are beautiful!

  4. Sydney has been my friend for as long as I can remember and she is definitely the most beautiful girl I know inside and out! 🙂

  5. Syd is such a beautiful girl. Her incredibly caring & funny personality and her awesome dance skills make her such a special girl!

  6. Sydney you’ve grown up so fast! You are a beautiful young lady! I will miss you went to leave for college but I’m so excited for you!

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