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Pulaski vs. Preble girls high school basketball game at

Pulaski girls high school basketball

This all came about when I was sitting at a friend’s house. Their daughter is on the high school basketball team and had done particularly well in the game the night before. A gentleman came by with a fiery look of enthusiasm on his face and a newspaper in his hands. He came by to share with my friends a write up in the local paper about their daughter. The proud feeling of camaraderie and passion these parents share with each other about their kids immediately struck me. It was a really cool thing to observe.

It was really cool for me because today I understand what it is to be a parent. My daughter Avery is nine and a half months old and sometimes I feel like the proudest father in the world. The feelings I have today for my little girl could not have been explained to me a year ago.

My friend had once mentioned to me that I should come to a sporting event to photograph it. I shrugged it off thinking to myself “I’m not a sports photographer” and really never gave it another thought. After witnessing the involvement and spirit this particular community has for its team sports I asked about shooting a game. My friends seemed to think it was a worthwhile idea, and it didn’t seem any one else was photographing these games at the time.

So here are some of my favorite pictures from the 1st sporting event I have ever photographed. I had a lot of fun trying to keep up with how fast paced the game was. I also have a new level of respect for sports photographers.



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