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Lauren I After Dark Shooting Challenge -

Downtown senior pictures-009

After Dark Shooting Challenge I We Are The Seen

And the cops were called………

Apparenly someone saw us downtown at night with our lighting gear and thought it was suspicious activity. Go figure. It seems I get asked more and more bizarre questions every year when I am walking around with a camera or gear. I often get asked, “what are you doing?” To which I want to (and sometimes do) reply, “fishing.”

The police were pretty nice about the whole thing and just ran our ID’s to make sure we had not kidnapped poor Lauren. They then just¬†let us keep shooting at the same spot. (which I thought was very nice of them ūüôā ) I am pretty sure there was a lot more suspicious activity going on Downtown Green Bay on a Saturday night after dark than our photoshoot, but what are you gonna do. Anyway, I will stop the rant.

I was super pumped for this challenge as I just love the look and contrast of nightime portraits in a downtown setting. There are so many cool light sources that can be used when you know where to look. I just love the images below of Lauren and am really looking forward to doing more nightime senior sessions! (minus the police)

Locations I Riverwalk Downtown Green Bay, Dental Associates Building, Washington St.

Model I Lauren

HMUA I Dana Michele




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