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Lambeau Field Proposal & Engagement Portraits

A surprise proposal at Lambeau Field! Sarah and Kyla drove up from Madison to take a tour of the bowl at Lambeau Field. What Sarah did not know was……

Kyla had called me a couple months back with the idea of surprising Sarah by proposing during the tour at Lambeau Field. She wanted to capture the moments of the proposal! This was such a cool Idea, I was fully on board.

We collaborated back and fourth through email during those months getting all of the logistics figured out. Being that Kyla and Sarah were in Madison so this was all done via email and phone.

The staff at Lambeau was really great at letting us get set up before hand so that Sarah did not see us before the proposal. Being the only other people on that side of the bowl it was a little trick but we ducked in a tunnel that gave us good cover. Sarah never suspected a thing!

So glad we were able to capture these precious moments between these two. They are such a fun couple and love working with the two of them!


Congratulations to Kyla & Sarah!!!



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