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Kristin & Bryan Engagement I Green Bay Wedding Photography -

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Kristin & Bryan’s Engagement Photos I Downtown Green Bay

We were out for a mutual friend’s birthday and began talking. I began to lose my voice and gave Bryan my phone number so we could text since I couldn’t speak over the music in the bar.
We went bowling at Super Bowl in Appleton. Bryan didn’t let me win.
Bryan surprised me with a trip to door county. We ended up going trail biking at peninsula state park for about two hours and after decided to go for a walk. We pulled off in an area and walked down by the shoreline where he got on one knee and surprised me. I wasn’t expecting it at all. We celebrated with a few stops for wine on the way home.
We have a lot in common but there are always things you don’t necessarily agree on. I pick on Kristin a lot for various things she says or does. She doesn’t always find my sense of humor as amusing as I do.
That Bryan is a nerd and always makes me smile.
I love that she finds me funny and that her personality meshes so well with mine. We have a lot we can do together that makes us both happy from going to concerts, biking all day, or just staying home playing games or watching movies. Most things we do are never a compromise but something we both want to do.
Kristin: Bryan seeing me for the first time that day.
Bryan: Celebrating with my closest friends and family.


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