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High School Senior Pictures - Pulaski High School

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High School Senior Pictures – Katie Anderson

High School I Pulaski //

Hair and Make Up I Alyssa Kitson //

Location I Downtown Green Bay, Green Bay East Sports Complex

We decided on doing a mix of urban and park settings for Katie’s high school senior pictures. She also wanted some sports photos and a few with her Golden Retriever Kolby. We had a lot to shoot in one day but everything went very smoothly. Katie was a blast to photograph and her personality really shines through in her pictures. She has a wonderfull “serious” laugh and a great smile.

Katie is quite the athlete and plays basketball, baseball, and runs cross country for Pulaski High School. We shot these all in the same location with a collage in mind.

I was really happy to get to play with another Golden Retriever. Sheri and I have a 7 year old Golden named Lou. Alyssa our make up artist just got a golden retriever puppy named Lucy. We are all very much “dog people,” so every one was a little excited. Kolby was a little distracted by all the excitement going on. With a bit of persistance we got some great images of the two of them.

We lucked out with the weather. The sun was out most of the day even though they were calling for thunderstorms.  At the end it was hiding behind some clouds but peaked out every once in a while to give us a little glow!

I think by the end of the evening we had just about worn out Katie’s smile, but her eyes were still sparkling!




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