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Featured - Pulaski High School Senior - Senior Pictures by Distinction Photo

senior pictures out in wheat field

We had a lot of great ideas when it came time to shoot Cienna’s senior pictures.  We knew she was very athletic and wanted to incorporate volleyball into her session.  She also wanted to shoot on the beach in Algoma.  This worked out quite well since they have a really nice sand beach volley ball court on the beach there.

I was driving out toward Algoma from Green Bay one day and I decided to take a detour into the countryside (something I routinely do). This is where I came across what I would describe as the most beautifull golden wheat field I had ever seen! It almost had a glow to it.  There was a nice hill where I could immediately visualize Cienna running out into it. We would have to stop here on the way to Algoma.

Now it was time to head to Algoma! We wanted to get a little bit of an urban look in for Cienna before we hit the volley ball court and beach.  Sheri had selected outfits based on the next alley location we had chosen. These turned out just awesome!

We headed down to the beach to finish up the evening.  We did a couple more outfit changes  including the girls volleyball uniforms.

Even though we had just about perfect weather Lake Michigan was pretty icy.  Cienna was a trooper and really wanted to get these shots.   At one point the tide came in while I was laying on the beach.  Man will that wake you up!  We kept thinking warm thoughts and it was all worth it in the end. What a great day!




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