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Engagement Pictures I Green Bay I Caitlin & Clint

Green Bay Engagement Pictures

Green Bay Engagement Pictures

Sheri and I recently had the privilege to take Caitlin & Clint’s Engagement pictures. It ended up being another beautiful October day. We shot the engagement pictures Downtown Green Bay and at The Apple Valley Orchard in De Pere. We had a blast getting to know this great couple, taking their engagement pictures and can not wait for their wedding day!


How did you meet? Tell us the story?

We met at Clint’s brother’s wedding. I was there with a mutual friend, Clint was the best man. It took a little convincing from Clint’s stepmom, but eventually he asked me to dance.


Where was your first date? What did you do? 

We went to Applebees. It would not be my first choice, but it was Clint’s favorite restaurant so he probably felt more comfortable there :). We sat at the bar and talked for a few hours. It was great!!!

Tell us about the proposal.

We went out to Chefusion (our favorite spot downtown) to celebrate Clint’s 30th birthday. After some awesome food, drink and conversation about who was going to pay the bill (ok – we argued about it) Clint pulled the ring out of his pocket and said “the only thing I want for my birthday is for you to say yes.”  And I did !!!


Do you have everything in common or do you have things you can not agree about which you poke fun at?

We are exact opposites. It is true – opposites do attract. We agree on the important things in life, but day to day we are total opposites. It keeps things interesting.

Question for Caitlin. What things do you love most about Clint?

Most of all, I love that he makes me laugh! Everyday he does, it’s the best thing about him. I also love that he makes me a better person, always challenging me to do what is right, not just what I want to do.


Question for Clint. What things do you love most about Caitlin?

She is smart, funny, determined, beautiful, and patient – she puts up with my crap!!


What is the one thing you are looking forward to most on your wedding day besides getting married? 

Having a big party to share our love with all of our family and friends! And cake – lots of cake 🙂


Congratulations Caitlin and Clint!



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