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Engagement Pictures I Erica & Rui

We shot Erica & Rui’s engagement pictures at Voyager Park in DePere. It was one of those weekends in Wisconsin where you never really know what you are going to get weather-wise (pretty much all weekends in Wisconsin I guess). We ended up getting snowed on and it made for some lovely images. These two were just great…So in love!

We became friends online and met in Chicago a few months later.

It was a double date with some of Rui’s friends. We went sight seeing in Chicago.

We definitely don’t agree on everything. We think differently on a lot of things. It used to be frustrating, but now it’s funny. We’ve learned to compromise.

My favorite things to do is laugh, just ask Rui. So I love that he’s always joking around and being silly. He’s really kind and caring, and he always stands by his beliefs. Even though he doesn’t drink it, he makes me coffee every morning. Plus he has pretty eyes and a really good beard.

I love how goofy we can be when we are alone, I like how she has a strong belief in what is right and wrong. I really like how I can just be myself with her and how we work so well as a couple, as teammates. I love that we have our differences that make us learn from each other but we share the same point of view in  big matters.  I could not finish without talking about her lovely ocean eyes and her pale skin.

The fireworks, and cake! And spending time with our guests!


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