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Engagement Photography I Miranda & John

High Cliff State Park Engagement Pictures-065

Miranda & John I Engagement Photography

location I High Cliff State Park

It was so awesome getting to do the engagement photography for Miranda & John. We shot their pictures at High Cliff State Park. We kept to the lower areas because it was quite windy especially in the upper parts of the park. Overall it was a beautifull evening with an amazing sunset!

A little Q&A with Miranda & John:

J: We met at a Bible study at a friend’s house in March of 2013.

M: One of the first times we spent time alone together we walked over to Pierce Park and sat at a picnic table and talked for hours. I brought some yerba mate (a tea I drank while living in Argentina ) and showed John how to prepare it. The interesting thing about mate is whoever you share with drinks from the same bombilla (straw), so I was pleased that John was ok with sharing my germs. We actually stayed friends for a while after this, but I remember that that was the first time I felt sure about us.

M: John proposed on Christmas Eve. I stayed late after the service at our church because I was helping with coffee. John went to my place to finish preparing dinner. I got a text from him that said that the meat I had put in the crockpot didn’t cook right, so would I meet him at the Olive Garden? After our dinner, John got down on one knee in the parking lot as he was walking me over to my car! I later found out he was originally planning to wait until Christmas Day but was too excited.

J: We agree on most things, except some movies and music. Miranda refuses to watch any movie that looks or sounds remotely creepy. M: And John doesn’t like movies with subtitles because he doesn’t want to read a whole movie.

He’s so sweet and has the biggest heart! He also has a wonderful sense of humor-he’s very silly. Because of his silliness, kids LOVE him. Last summer when we were at the Dells we saw the cutest twins and John started making funny faces and one of them started following us. We had to be, ”you have to go back by your parents .”

What I love about Miranda most is the way she can always put a smile on my face. All it takes is a smile from her to improve whatever mood I’m in. She never seems to let anything get to her and no matter what a smile and her sense of humor are my two most favorite things.

J: I’m looking forward to seeing my parents’ faces that day. They have waited a long time to see me happy with someone. This will be an amazing gift to them , and seeing the joy in their faces is what I look most forward to aside from the wedding itself. M: I’m looking forward to our first dance. It’s a song that’s really special to us.



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