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Engagement Photography I Allison & Michael I Green Bay -

Engagement Photography

Engagement Photography I Allison & Michael I Green Bay

Allison & Michael left their engagement photography location up to us. We ended up out on the bay and the UWGB campus. As it turned out Michael had finished up his schooling at the Sciences building we started the engagement session at. How cool is that.

I loved the industrial look of this building an wanted to give them a little diversity in their engagement photography. It was a beautiful over cast day with light flurries until the end. Then the snow really started to come down.

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Prior to shooting their engagement photography we asked Michael and Allison to give us a little history.

How did you meet? Tell us the story.

We met while out with two separate groups of friends in downtown Green Bay. After being introduced, we found out that we both had experience working in nursing homes, both lived at home with our parents and shared the same flip phone. We ended up talking the rest of the night until bar close and then made plans to meet up the following week for a date.

Where was your first date? What did you do?

Michael picked up Allison at her parent’s house and took her out to Carmella’s for dinner and dessert (a requirement when eating any meal with Allison) After a nice dinner filled with conversation, they went to Walmart, as Michael wanted to get some new Beta fish. Allison and Michael picked out two fish, naming them Winston and Roman. They returned to Allison’s parent’s house, watched a movie together and planned to meet up again that weekend for the Packer game.

Tell us about the proposal.

Michael spent a lot of time planning for this day. About a week prior, Allison and Michael made plans to meet up with another couple to hike at High Cliff State Park. When the day arrived, the plans mysteriously fell through for the other couple, however, Allison and Michael decided to still go (in reality, the other couple were never contacted to go, but Michael needed an excuse to ensure Allison didn’t plan anything.) They walked through the trails, chit-chatting about the wedding they had been to the night before until they got to a beautiful lookout where Michael suggested taking a photo together. “Racing” the self-timer for the photo, Michael, instead of posing for the photo, got down on one knee and proposed! Little did Allison know, the camera was set for video, and the entire proposal was recorded. After saying yes, Michael and Allison returned to their house (no longer living with their parents!), where both Michael and Allison’s families were waiting for a surprise engagement party!

Do you have everything in common or do you have things you cannot agree about which you poke fun about?

We have a perfect balance of both. Just the right amount in common to enjoy each others company, but enough differences to make things interesting.

Question for Allison. What things do love most about Michael?

Michael was someone that I felt I could immediately relate to and find common interests with. We talked effortlessly for hours the first times we met. I have never felt so comfortable sharing all my thoughts, fears, beliefs, etc with. Michael is such a caring, generous, and patient person. I know I can truly be myself with him, no matter how crazy. Michael is able to comfort and calm my worries and concerns, making me confident that he is someone who will support me in anything I choose.

Question for Michael. What things do love most about Allison?

From day one Allison has been someone I have felt completely comfortable being myself with. I have never met somebody who allows me to be as goofy as the situation calls for. She is somebody I trust completely and know that she will be there for me no matter what circumstances arise. She is beautiful, funny, caring and dedicated to those she loves. I cannot wait to see what our future together holds.

What is the one thing you are looking forward to most on your wedding day besides getting married?

We are looking forward to seeing every one who has helped make us who we are, together, celebrating with us as we begin this new stage of life. To be surrounded by those who raised us, got in trouble with us, had the best and worst times with and those who we have so many memories with will be one of the greatest gifts we will take out of the day.

Congrats Allison & Michael – Can not wait till the wedding!!!



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