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Class of 2017 Vote!

green bay senior pictures vote-

Which senior will get your vote?

We never could have anticipated such a fantastic year! Sheri and I feel extremely blessed when we look back at the friendships we have made and the seniors we have photographed over the past 12 months.

To show our appreciation, we are starting the year with a fun giveaway for our 2017 seniors!

The senior with the greatest number of comments on this post will receive a beautiful 16×24 gallery wrapped canvas! (Every senior who receives at least 25 votes will win a retouched print image; every senior who receives at least 50 votes will win a 11×14 mounted enlargement.) We will also be randomly drawing one lucky winner from the voters for a $25 Visa gift card! It’s easy to vote:  just write something creative or caring in the “comments” section at the bottom of this post for the senior of your choice!

Feel free to “share” and “tweet” this post to get your friends voting.

Which senior gets your vote?  So you know, we’ll count comments — one per person — through January 15, then announce the winner!

Click on any senior’s name to see the rest of their senior photos! (Only comments at the bottom of THIS blog post will be counted)

senior pictures Green Bay-038

Katie Taft – Preble High School

senior pictures in Green Bay-059

Molly Bohrer – Southwest High School

senior pictures fashion-037

Andrea Sieloff – Southwest High School

green bay senior pictures_06-3

Lauren LaPointe – Notre Dame Academy

senior portrait photographer-010

Sydney Guc – Bay Port High School

green bay senior pictures-060

Kaela Jones – Pulaski High School

green bay senior pics-061

Marielle Sitek – Bay Port High School

senior pictures with horse-036

Molly Vissers – DePere High School

green bay guys senior pictures_1-0882

Conner Simon – Ashwaubenon High School

green bay senior pictures_3-049

Sydney Ripley – Pulaski High School

green bay senior pictures_04-054

Paige Gresens – Bay Port High School

Urban senior pictures-005

Sinead Vandreese – Notre Dame Academy

green bay senior pictures_06-021

Katrina Dietsche – Notre Dame Academy

green bay senior pictures_99-050

Taryn Walker – Southwest High School

modern senior pictures-13

Marie Berna – Pulaski High School

green bay senior pictures_9-041

Maren Assef – Green Bay East High School

green bay senior pictures-061

Molly Kelly – DePere High School

green bay guys senior pictures_11-003

Bryce Peterson – Pulaski High School

green bay senior pictures_01-066

Katelyn Morgan – Notre Dame Academy

green bay senior portraits_1-045

Juaquesha Smith – Southwest High School

guy senior pictures-053

Bryce Whitefield – Ashwaubenon High School

senior pics Green Bay-059

Allysa Tonn – Pulaski High School

Fox Valley senior pictures-055

Allyson Groher – Notre Dame Academy

senior pictures in a field-024

Elena Groves – DePere High School

green bay senior pictures-120

Danielle Gotfried – Southwest High School

green bay senior pictures_8-048

Kellee Parker – Rochelle Township High School

senior pics-017

Peyton Breaker – Bay Port High School

Senior Pictures in a field_9-04

Stephanie Pasowicz – Pulaski High School

senior portraits green bay-041

Corinne Meglic – Notre Dame Academy

green bay senior pictures-222

Jenna Peotter – Bay Port High School

Appleton Senior Pictures-017

Kelsey Berna – Pulaski High School

senior pictures_guys-026

James Pasqualucci – Bay Port High School

green bay senior pictures_019-060

Emily Stachura – Pulaski High School

senior guys pictures-057

Mitchell Hansen – Southwest High School

Appleton Senior Portraits-080

Zatrina McGeshick – Laona High School

Botanocal Gardens senior pictures-050

Kendall Lisowski – DePere High School



296 Responses to “Class of 2017 Seniors I Vote!”
  1. Lauren LaPointe has always been such an amazing girl. Her pictures just express how beautiful she really is. Matthews did such an awesome job cannot wait for him to capture all my children.

  2. Lauren lapointe has been able to stay sweet and kind in this crazy world we live in!! Her beauty goes so much deeper than her pictures show. My vote goes to this lovely young lady!!

  3. Lauren LaPointe likes Diet Coke with no ice and I do too. She licks the seasoning off of dill pickle chips and then eats the soggy chip which is weird but unique. We both are not very good at math. She lets me eat her leftover butter noodles after I eat my meal. She also lets me eat at her house, eat things such as mandarin oranges and rice krispy treats. She is different and my best friend and that’s why she gets my vote. 🙂

  4. My vote is for Allysa Tonn. I am her grandma better know as G-ma. She was such a tiny baby when born that I named her my little “Lady Bug”. What a joy to have her in my life!

  5. Zatrina McGeshick!
    Not only is her dreams, drive, and personal growth inspiring, she is also so selfless, caring, fun and beautiful! You really captured every incredible quality that this young lady has pouring out of her and you were even able to capture a glimpse into her very promising future. Well done!

  6. Zatrina McGeshick beautiful pictures of a beautiful soul and a peek into her future. So proud of this inspiring young lady.

  7. Zatrina, has my vote. Quiet unique with the sunset, formal attire, and standing in the water. The colors work great together, great job!

  8. Zatrina McGeshick – Gimiwananakwadokwe – Your an amazing daughter and Distinction Photo captured your beauty, strength, intelligence, vision and future within every photo. We are extremely proud of you and your accomplishments. Love you, Dad

    • Zatrina McGeshick is one of the most amazing friend family member role model to all. She is very talented and sweetest ❤️ heart ! She cares for all !! Good luck sweety !!

    • Zatrina McGeshick is a water sprite who touches your heart with her passion for life and determination to help others. The warmth of her lovely smile and flashing eyes bring instant happiness when they shine on you

  9. Zatrina McGeshick– you are stunning girl!!! Holay Wah! I truly love the way you have celebrated all the renditions of you.. from the out of this world bedazzling royal blue belle you.. to the .. Check out my scrubs – future shot.. Amazing!

  10. Zatrina McGeshick. Those are absolutely beautiful!!! Love all of them!! I would never be able to chose!! You are such a beautiful young lady!!!

  11. Couldn’t be more proud to say your my son!!
    Love you bud! Great pictures and ANOTHER superior job from DISTINCTION PHOTO.

  12. Wow, these are all amazing pictures! Wish I would have had my senior pictures done here years ago! Anyway, my vote goes to Zatrina McGeshick!

  13. Zatrina McGeshick… beautiful. Amazing work Distinction, all the pictures are amazing, but you captured the beauty that Zatrina has inside and out. She has a bright future ahead of her! Proud of you Z!

  14. Molly Kelly!!! She is so beautiful, great, funny, smart, and super fun!!! She is so smart and she always has time to help people while balancing school, clubs, and other activities!

  15. Zatrina McGeshick, you are absolutely stunning & intelligent, and this photo captures it. Best of luck in your future!

  16. My vote goes to Zatrina McGeshick!! She is smart, athletic young lady who has big goals! She will reach her goals because she is determined! Good luck Zatrina!!

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